Security Doors

Unique structure door consisting of metal profiles and sheets brings out all the difference. Made from steel and dressed in wood so nobody can say that it’s a high security door. Mineral wool is placed inside for maximum sound and thermal isolation. Our doors have been acknowledged with the highest British certificates (LPS1175, Secured by design). We personally guarantee that your property will definitely be secured from uninvited guests at all times.

Main Seciro doors aspects:

  • RC1, RC3 or RC4 security level burglary resistant door
  • Unique steel structure
  • Door leaf and frame filled with mineral rock wool
  • Stainless steel threshold
  • Exterior of the door is additionally covered with steel sheet
  • UMIDAX, EDM, Veneer, Solid OAK or Painted metal finishes (inside/outside)
  • Top rated multipoint locks
  • P6B triple unbreakable glazing (Clear/Frosted/Stained/Mirrored/) and many more effects
  • Hinges with supporting bearings and covers
  • Door furniture – lever or fixed handles, centre knob, letterbox, spyhole, door knocker, house or flat number, door closer
  • Locks is resistant to drilling, acid and cutting
  • Protective roll pins to secure hinges from cutting off
  • All door details decorated in polished chrome, satin chrome or brass*
  • Double insulation seals
  • Optional “Secret door chain” (Enables the user to open the door to take in mail or vet any visitor without risking an unwanted forced entry)

* Door details can be decorated in other shades as well.

All our doors are handmade and constructed individually. Manufacturing flexibility allows us to produce bespoke size, single or double hinged doors, which can be constructed with movable or fixed side and top panels. Any style and shape burglary resistant or bulletproof glazing can be applied to maintain the security level. Choose matt, gloss or even hand painted colour finish for your doors. Our products will be fitted with the greatest possible attention to details. We take close look to each components of our doors. Every little detail is treated to the same high standard as each other. Even though the internals will not see the light of day, we feel they are still a vital link in the chain and will receive our greatest care.