Certificates & Techinical information

Technical features:

  • Gap between door leaf ply and frame is protected by a double layer metal;
  • Closed bended profile combines steel shaped box to prevent lock mechanism;
  • Entire construction is covered with 1.5mm thickness steel sheet;
  • Special hinges with ball bearings are protected by four 16mm bolts against cutting;
  • Hinge attachment place is additionally strengthened by 40x50mm steel plate;
  • Door leaf filled with mineral rock wool;
  • Double door gasket is placed between sash and bended metal profile.




  1. Door frame fixing elements;
  2. Outside architraves;
  3. Hinges with supporting bearings;
  4. Inside architraves*;
  5. Protective roll pins;
  6. Closed bended metal construction;
  7. 1.5mm steel sheet;
  8. Security lock;
  9. Internal door leaf finish;
  10. Steel door frame;
  11. Mineral rock insulation;
  12. Wall;
  13. Additional security lock (safe).