Certificates & Techinical information

Technical features:

  • Door leaf filled with mineral rock wool.
  • Closed bended profile combines metal shaped box to prevent lock mechanism;
  • Door leaf construction is created from closed bended metal sections and 1.5 mm steel sheet from outside;
  • Gap between door leaf ply and frame is protected by a double layer steel;
  • Special hinges with ball bearings are protected from cutting by four 16mm blots;
  • Hinge attachment place is additionally strengthened by 40x50mm steel plate;
  • The same color is used for all metal parts to aesthetic beauty purpose;
  • Entire metal structure is covered using powder coating method;
  • Door opening limiter – latch chain that withstands the strength of 760kg prosecution;
  • Additional 1.5mm stainless steel door side finishing is possible;
  • Closed bended profile welded to the front metal sheet forms a tube type shape that can’t be deformed using a hand tool;
  • Double door insulation seals are mounted. One is placed through the whole leaf perimeter and other is milled in to the fixed frame panels. The same colour is used for external door leaf finish that gives stunning aesthetic door view.


  1. Door frame fixing elements;
  2. Outside architraves;
  3. Hinges with supporting bearings;
  4. Inside architraves*;
  5. Protective roll pins;
  6. Closed bended metal construction;
  7. External 1.5mm steel sheet;
  8. Main Security lock;
  9. Internal door leaf finish;
  10. Steel door frame;
  11. Threshold;
  12. External door leaf finish;
  13. N/A;
  14. Mineral rock insulation;
  15. Wall
  16. Latch chain – catch*.
  17. Stainless steel threshold finish;
  18. Additional Security lock – multi locking system;
  19. Latch chain – catch*.
  1. Door frame fixing elements
  2. Outside architraves
  3. Hinges with supporting bearings
  4. Inside architraves*
  5. Protective roll pins
  6. Closed bended metal construction
  7. External 1.5mm metal sheet
  8. Security lock
  9. External door leaf finish
  10. Internal door leaf finish
  11. Internal plank with insulation seals
  12. Metal door frame
  13. 1.5mm stainless steel door side finish*
  14. Mineral rock insulation
  15. Insulation seals